Client: Ladonafina

Company: InVancouver Web Services

The header was actually designed by a co-worker & a great friend of mine (Ken Varas) and the client liked that part of his original design of the site so I kept it & continued designing the rest of the site afterwards.


The site offers treatments such as massage, along with body workout, muscle toning, facials, brow tinting and lash extensions, and makeup.

After leaving InVancouver, I have not found out if this design was actually used or not but it is here mainly to be another portfolio piece that shows yet another aspect for my work which is that I can take someone else's work and continue working on it for any client.

It is usually much easier if the previous and new designer/developer are in the same place and have similar techniques (such as NAMING THE LAYERS IN PHOTOSHOP) so I do thank all designers/developers who follow the standards.