Client: George Elias

Website design & development is the official website for my father who is an Arabic singer, Iraqi singer, Assyrian singer, Chaldean singer, Syriani singer, composer, & song writer.
الفنان و المطرب السرياني جورج الياس يغني بعدة لغات و لهجات


This site is a mix of two languages on one website and one of the reasons for that is SEO. It needs to work for both English and Arabic on this artist.

The landing home page is inspired by other web designers out there and the rest of the page was done to try and have non-english speaking people to understand the navigation by using the icons.

jQuery was used throught the site for its animations and transitions & prettyPhoto is the main script I use for the gallery.

The site has lots of details that I've worked hard to implement so I'd like to focus on some here such as: