Client: Best Western

Company: InVancouver Web Services

I had built nearly 15 websites for Best Western hotel chain but this was different because I designed the first of many sites with new colors & layout for Best Western. Prior to that, we had to follow strict standards.


Best Western Coquitlam Inn was the first owner to accept and agree on having a design that was a bit different from all the other Best Western locations which had to follow the same standard colors and layouts. InVancouver had followed those same guides until we started to see other web design companies changing these standards so we wanted to get creative as well and that's where I took my chance to create something new that was still acceptable first by my company, second by the client, and third still follows the standards somewhat.

This site used our company's CMS for editing and uploading content.

The site may look different since quite a bit of time has passed since then (2007).