Client: Adalat Omar

A Professional Uighur traditional dancer, Bollywood dancer, & Middle Eastern Belly Dancer

Ada is a good friend of mine and is full of energy. She is one of the best belly dancers I've seen and her humbleness makes her deserve the title of being Vancouver's #1 bellydancer even more. Details at


This site is one of my favorites since the client took nearly all my suggestions and comments on the site and trusted my abilities as a professional web designer & developer to make her website one of a kind. I even had lots of fun designing and programming the website. There was a good amount of time spent on this and the result is the quality you see.

Website's like these improve my skills as a designeer and as a developer because it gives me a chance to try and test something new. What makes it even better is the fact that I have no limits coming up with anything that I feel can improve the site in anyway since the client agrees with me on almost everything.

I like to point out key elements on the website such as: