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Hi I'm Eddie Potros

I like to coDEsign

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Many people know me as an outgoing person with lots of energy at all times. I love outdoor activies despite the career path I've chosen. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and cherish all those great memories left by each individual and moment. I value my culture very much & live everyday with a positive attitude towards life. I try to live life to the fullest while accomplishing my dreams and goals.

When it comes to food, I am picky somewhat and believe that if I don't like something, I shouldn't have to eat it. However, I always try new foods and have lots of favorites. I love McDonalds very much so please don't talk bad about them. Thanks ;)
My middle east culture provides a very wide selection of foods and I love most of them. I just really love food!

I love sports and specifically football (soccer) and believe I was born to play but injuries have set me back quite a few years from my ultimate goal. I am a natural athlete that always wants to try fast paced sports or ones that are outdoors especially. I am very competitive & really dislike loosing. I also love games such as billiards, foosball, chess, and mind games.

Dancing is just natural to some people but it's even easier for me 'cause my rythem is very good (God blessed me with good hearing abilities). I play drums mainley but also learned the piano & guitar on my own.
I dance to many styles but my favorite is breakdancing. Time & injuries made me quit this beautiful dance. I also love my culture dance styles.

Skills Chart

PCs vs MACs is never ending so I love both because they fulfill my needs in different ways. I first learned DOS mode commands in 1998 on my first computer (first one in my neighbourhood to own one) and it didn't even have Windows on it. After coming to Canada in 1999, I got my frist PC with Win98 and so on from there. I love gadgets & always look for ones worth to purchase. I love Camera's as well especially Canon gear such as my D60. I enjoy having the latest stuff especially for mobile phones (I really use its features too). My knowledge with technology comes naturally because some people are just good at it. :)